Minnesota Activities: 15 Sledding and Tubing Hills you don’t want to miss!


Sledding near Elbow Lake - Orr - photo by Laura Dekowski

Sledding near Orr / Laura Detowski

There’s something magical about riding down a hill on a sled or tube. Perhaps it’s the exhilarating feeling of sitting just above the ground and sailing down a snow-covered slope. Or maybe it’s the nostalgia adults experience as they give their kids a push or watch them trek up a hill, sled in tow. While Minnesota’s landscape is different from north to south and east to west, opportunities to ride sleds and tubes down snowy hills can be found in all regions of the state.

Some of the state’s best sledding and tubing options are well known to folks who live in the area—local gems, of sorts—while others can be found at state parks or on other public properties. Some of them are free to use but require sledders or tubers to provide their own equipment. At others, riders can rent equipment, hang onto tow ropes to get back to the top of the hill, and warm up in heated shelters. Keep in mind, too, that some hills offer both sledding and tubing, while others provide opportunities for one or the other.

Sledding and tubing are fun wintertime activities for adults and children alike that, in many cases, require little in the way of skills or equipment beyond what most people already have. Simply dress warmly, grab a sled or tube, and head out to the hills for a day of fun.

Below are some of Minnesota’s best options for sledding and tubing, broken down by region. But consider this list just a start–with a little legwork, you’ll likely be able to uncover even more close-to-home places to spend the day riding down a hill.






  • J.A. Hughes Elementary School, Red Lake Falls
  • Bemis Hill, Warroad
  • Croviseir Park, Detroit Lakes
  • Buena Vista Ski Area   http://www.bvskiarea.com/tubingpark.html


Sledding and tubing for many children in Minnesota is almost a rite of passage, but there is some risk involved anytime someone takes a ride down a hill. That goes for people riding plastic sleds or saucers, rubber tubes or wooden toboggans. Following are some tips from Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to ensure sledding and tubing is done as safely as possible:

  • Adults should accompany children on sledding adventures–and ride down the hill with kids who are under 5 years old.
  • Wear a helmet to prevent against head injury and avoid items such as scarves that can get wrapped around objects. Wear waterproof clothing, and pack extra along if you plan to stay out for an extended period of time.
  • Pick hills that don’t have fences, streets, trees and water nearby. Ensure there’s a flat area at the bottom to stop.
  • Take turns going down a hill to avoid collisions.

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