Minnesota resorts are a long lasting tradition for many families looking for a vacation.

  • Minnesota Family Resort

    Minnesota is known for its classic resort vacations—a longstanding tradition in many families. There are more than 850 resorts in Minnesota, almost all located on lakes. They offer the ideal stay for most anyone. They include some large, full-service resorts with luxury cabins and suites, on-site golf courses, spas, and gourmet restaurants. Most are small, family-operated resorts with housekeeping cabins near a lake. Many are open in the winter for cross-country skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling vacations. The success of a resort is not just having the fishing for entertainment but include the whole family.

    Minnesota Family Resort

    Minnesota Lake Resort

    Minnesota family resorts do offer some of the best vacation deals when you look at your total vacation expense. There are not many places that a family can go and spend a week and be entertained for the price of just your rental. Yes there are the options of getting a boat as a extra, but really if you want to dock fish this is possible here at the resort. Then if you want to take in some water activities there are the paddle boats, canoes and kayaks which are included with the cabin rental. Most Minnesota resorts do try an keep there extra activities at a minimal cost or free just to make it more affordable.

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