Minnesota private lake home rentals.

  • Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes thru out the state. On these lakes there are private homes on the shores of some of the most desirable beachs in the state. With over 2500 small resorts also located on the lakes as well the vacation options have dwendeled over the past decades. People have gone from booking a cabin at a resort to trying to find a private lake home to rent.

    White Birch Resort has taken the next big step into the future. By being a small resort and having 10 brand new homes they have crossed the boundries of being a private home and a resort . There is not another business like this in the entire state of Minnesota let alone the midwest US.

    The benifets of staying in a private lake home is your whole family can be all together under one roof. With White Birch you get the benifits of a private home but yet recieve all the amenities of a resort.



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