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  • Minnesota Reunion Vacation Homes

    The reunion homes we offer are built to accommodate large families on a Minnesota vacation located near Bemidji.

    White Birch Resort has built lavish 5 star vacation homes that are all about entertaining for your family. There are homes that can sleep as many as 22 people all under one roof. With some of these home you do get a private commercial hot tub built in the deck just for your family to enjoy, which is very unique for Minnesota resorts.

    The last home we built is our 4 bedroom which can sleep up to 15 people. This home does have a privat hot tub as well and is open all year long.

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     Reunion Cabin in MN

    The next reunion home we built in 2009 is all about luxury(#1). There are 3000 sq ft in this lake front home that can accommodate up to 22 people very comfortable. The house has a walk out basement with a family game room. the main floor is 25 feet above the lake level which offers some of the most amazing views in Minnesota. There are 6 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Then the kitchen is a chefs dream with 2 ovens, double fridge and all the modern amenities you can have . This reunion house has central heat and A/C to keep everyone comfortable during your vacation and large covered decks and screen porch's to enjoy the natural beauty of northern Minnesota.

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    Reunion house in MN

    We are excited about our next reunion vacation home (#2)  here in Minnesota. This home will be identical to the #1 layout with a different decor of subtle "Ski Chalet". The next big change for this vacation home is it will have private hot tub, which no other resort in Minnesota is offering.  The hot tub will be located on the main deck so you will be able to enjoy the views of the lake while relieving some stress. This reunion home will be available by May 14th of 2011.

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     Minnesota Lake Resort Hot Tub

    What makes a vacation memorable?

    For the first time ever, scientists have uncovered the factors which influence lasting vacation memories, from the most memorable destinations to the effects of social media use on memory.

     Researchers at the University of Texas to design a first-of-its-kind study which investigated factors such as destination type, cost of vacation, group type, work habits, amount of time spent on mobile devices, and social media use to determine their impact on the memorability of vacations.

    How was memory measured?

    Sample 713 adults from six countries:  United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy

    Period April – September 2016 Analysis Statistical significance established at the 90% confidence interval

    Measured variables Memory recall and emotional memory recall.

    Study participants reported on vacation plans and demographic characteristics in a prevacation survey, reported their feelings and memorable experiences in three in-vacation surveys (on the first, middle, and last days of their trips), and recalled their memories and emotions in a post-vacation survey. A subset of travelers also downloaded an app that tracked the amount of time spent on their devices

    Memory Recall: Participants were assessed on how well they could recall experiences they had recorded during their in-vacation surveys one week after returning from their trips. Both visual and written cues were used to assess memory recall ability.

    Emotional Memory: Participants were assessed on how accurately they could recall emotions they reported experiencing across the study.

    Where should you go?

    Mountains are the most memorable destination type.

    They were shown to be significantly more memorable (12%) than cities, the least memorable destination, and slightly more memorable than small towns, beaches, and amusement parks.

    How much should you spend?

    The amount spent on vacation does not significantly impact the memorability of vacations. Expenses considered included: airline tickets, lodging, gas, car rentals, dining, entertainment, and more.

    The power of photography

    Those who took photos and selfies using their phones were 40% more likely to remember their vacations well than those who didn’t. Participants who created an online photo album are significantly more likely to recall all trip events than those who did not make such an album. In addition; displaying vacation photos or souvenirs; inviting friends or family to one’s home to see vacation photos or videos; and uploading updates, photos, or videos to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter also positively correlate with accurate emotional recall.

    Facebook or Instagram?

    Social media use does not have a major impact on trip memorability. However, use of certain social media sites correlated with better emotional memory. In particular, Instagram users had better emotional memory than users of Facebook and Snapchat: Instagram users were 24% more likely than Facebook users to have clear memories of how they felt during their vacations. Uploading photos and videos to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter also positively correlate with accurate emotional recall.

    Too much of a good thing?

    HomeAway’s research found that people who use smart phones for certain activities, such as taking photos and finding things to do, actually remembered their vacations better than those who don’t. However, this effect reversed at high levels of smart phone usage. Those who used their phones for more than two hours each day were 26% more likely to have trouble remembering their vacations versus those who spent less than two hours on their phones.

    Working on vacation

    Working while traveling decreases trip memorability. Those who work while on vacation are less likely to recall all of their memorable events than those not working. This effect increases as vacationers spend more time working. Of those who used devices for work-related activities, just 43% who spent one hour or more working recalled all trip events, while 60% of those who spent less than an hour working recalled all events. Overall, working an hour or more on vacation made participants 43% more likely to have trouble remembering their trips than those who worked one hour or less. Those who used laptops, versus smart phones or tablets, also had significantly more trouble remembering their vacations.

    Who should you travel with?

    People who traveled with a mix of family and friends remembered their vacations at least 20% better than those who traveled with just family, just friends, in a couple, or alone. Vacationers who traveled for a celebration, such as a birthday, wedding, reunion, or bachelor/ette party, also displayed 69% better emotional recall of their vacations—they were significantly better at recalling how they felt during important moments of their trip.

    Pre-trip emotions = Post-trip memories

    Vacationers who reported feeling happy and excited before their vacations were 73% more likely to have excellent recall of their vacation memories versus those who felt other emotions, including stress, frustration, or calm.


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